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Great roadmap if you're all Lost in the Properymarket

This is a really engaging podcast with interesting guests. It’s well put together, smart, and informative.

Super-helpful Gentleman & great podcast

As an expat living in Dubai and renting a couple of BTL units in the UK I have been following this Podcast which is very informative. I have also reached out to John to recommend a tax accountant which he did and in less than 24 hours. Big fan!

So, so useful - PACKED with vital information

One of the best property podcasts out there. Feel like I should be taking notes every episode - and I'm an experienced investor! Enjoyable as well as informative too. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Great Content with great personality

With so many property podcasts around these days, its great to find a nice, down to earth, informative podcast that really does follow real life situations rather than regurgitating media content without putting it into potential situations. Being a expat as well (currently HK), its also nice to have content that covers the many pains and gripes that we have to go through including, viewing, buying, refurbishing and managing properties remotely. Keep up the good work!

A natural host of a well-researched niche podcast

As host of a podcast myself, I have to say this podcast is better! You can hear how much preparation and investment goes into researching his guests to uncover those rare nuggets of information that result. The format is more than the stock Q&A interview fayre you get from some. The delivery is natural, with a clever, yet understated way to share their own story, leaving the focus on the impressive guest list assembled in series one. There's even a free joke each week! Hand-on-heart, this is a genuine, unbiased review. In truth, this has rekindled my interest in listening to more podcasts, having spent the past few years immersed in audiobooks. Looking forward to how the podcast evolves. Good luck!

An excellent Podcast

Since I live just down the road from Grantham at Stamford where I own a SA property I felt compelled to leave a review of this wonderful podcast which is highly enjoyable, very well structured and packed full of excellent infomation. Would highly recommend to others!

Great resource

A well researched and structured podcast. A good mixed conversation between strategy and detail.

Not just for expats!

Engaging, informative content - I especially liked the mini series with the property tax accountant as it went into more depth and allowed for more focus than most 30-45 minute episodes. As a suggestion, please can you begin the name of each episode on Spotify with Ep 1/2/3… as you often refer to specific episode numbers but Spotify doesn’t show these. Thanks!

Always a school day

Loving the pod cast. Always great content and full of great ideas and concepts. Always good to learn new stuff.

Very apt and full of relevant information

I love it! I have recommended it to many friends and family too. Your content is fresh, relevant and really topical for a lot of expats (the ones I know) Keep up the good work.

fantastic podcast

fantastic resource, and highly useful not just for expats, but anyone interested in property. Keep up the good work and many thanks, Peter

Extremely informative

I stumbled upon this podcast and ended up listening to all the episodes in quick succession. Very thoughtfully put together will lots of practical information and resources. Highly recommended.

Spot on!

High profile guests, open and transparent discussions, all essential topics to set us up onto the property ladder thanks to helpful advices and insightful experience sharing from the himself and his speakers. I personally enjoy the witty flair of this podcast, Property can be fun!

Relaxing style and brilliant questions

Love this podcast as it’s funny and interesting too. The questions are well thought through and the host gets a lot from each guest. Highly recommend

A proper property podcast

It does exactly what it says on the tin. A fantastic guide to expat property investing in the UK, with interviews with some seriously useful experts. Avoids the usual promotional nonesense, tells it how it really is, and best of all it isn't selling anything. My favourite podcast.

Insightful and engaging!

Loving the podcast so far, knowledgeable host and great stories shared! Tuned into the episode on international money transfers - informative content delivered in an engaging and digestible way. Love it

Educational enrichment

As a soon to be first time expat buyer, I find the podcast educationally enriching especially with the variety of guest who are happy to discuss their journey and strategies.


I highly recommend this podcast, very enjoyable and inspirational. All of the guests are brilliant and I’ve particularly enjoyed listening to Vicki Wusche and Rob Dix. Thank you so much, it means so much for those wanting to take those first steps.

I've found a new favourite podcast!

I've found a new favourite podcast! Having only started in February 2022, eight fantastic episodes have already been released. The host, who just goes by 'The Expat Property Guy', clearly has some weight in the property industry. In episode 1, he was joined by none other than Property Hub's Rob Dix (host of the Property Podcast, Any Other Business, and author of The Complete Guide to Property Investment). Although focusing on expats investing in UK property, this podcast is a must listen to even for UK-based investors. Topics include: Property education (should you, shouldn't you) Portfolio building for yield vs capital growth Why to buy new builds Why not to buy new builds Financial resilience Foreign exchange My favourite episode, "Like Clockwork", with Helen Godbold-Eade of Like-Clockwork Ltd, was really informative. She covered the importance of good due diligence (especially on developers when buying off-plan), use of independent solicitors, pros/cons of different property types, and how to select and work with a letting agent. This is a brilliant episode for newbie investors. I'm looking forward to meeting Helen next week.

Fantastic guests

Whether you’re an expat or not, this podcast is fascinating. Property experts of the highest calibre.

This podcast is exactly what I was looking for. Good guests and loads of useful information for expats. Looking forward to more episodes!

Great expert guests

As a property investor that has since become an Expat I’m finding this series of podcasts really interesting. It is also reassuring that Expat Prop Guy is speaking and trusting in the same people in the UK property market that I also listen to (Rob Dix episode 1 and Vicki Wusche episode 5). There is a good diversity of opinion for whichever strategy you are aiming towards and it has certainly helped me reflect on my next move.

Great honest advice

Highly recommend this property podcast. There is no hidden agenda (soft sell/sales funnel), so the interviews and advice are very useful.

Great Podcast!

Information rich, love the story!

Great expat insights

Unique and insightful property podcast. I like the story approach to the episodes from the host that spans the different episodes. Hope there are more episodes to come