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A podcast hosted by The Expat Property Guy providing information for expats investing in UK property.

I talk to experts and expats and share my story to help you develop the skills and knowledge to make the best decisions when presented with UK property investment opportunities.


Recent Episodes

UK Property Expertise with John Howard

May 25, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com UK property expert John Howard’s forty years’ experience makes him the ideal investor to offer an opinion on the state of the UK property market as we head toward the third quarter of 2022. Rising …

Student HMOs v Professional HMOs

May 18, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com You’re looking for the perfect UK investment opportunity... You’ve decided on a strategy of high cash flowing Houses of Multiple Occupation. But should you target students or professionals for your…

Guest: Stuart Lordan

300K Lost in a Joint Venture Deal

May 11, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com Expat Investor Rehman Akhtar thought he had found the perfect property investment opportunity when he was presented with joint venture deal in the UK in which he stood to gain a 30% return on inves…

Guest: Rehman Akhtar

Expat Mortgages for the UK 2

May 4, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com If you’re an expat looking for UK property investment opportunities, you probably have lots of questions about expat mortgages. This podcast episode will give you all the mortgage knowledge you nee…

Guest: Simon Allen

Expat Mortgages for the UK 1

April 27, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com Do you have trouble getting an expat mortgage loan? This two-episode special contains all the information you need as a remote investor looking to invest in UK property. In this first episode, expa…

Guest: Simon Allen

We Can Network It Out

April 20, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com UK property investor Bronwen Vearncombe and her husband took just one year to build a profitable portfolio which allowed them to replace their incomes, leave their jobs and set off to travel the wo…

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