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A podcast hosted by The Expat Property Guy providing information for expats investing in UK property.

I talk to experts and expats and share my story to help you develop the skills and knowledge to make the best decisions when presented with UK property investment opportunities.


Recent Episodes

Risk Management

June 28, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com As our mini-series on expat property tax in collaboration with Sean The Property Tax Accountant draws to a close, we look at risk management: the systematic approach to identifying, evaluating, mit…

UK Property: Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance & Tax Planning

June 27, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com The penultimate portion of our bite-sized episodes on expat property tax tackles Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance, and Tax Planning, which are, respectively, illegal, legal and advisable. Sean the Expat …

UK Property Tax: Compliance

June 26, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com Tax is not the sexiest of topics and compliance is perhaps its least interesting aspect, but it’s possibly the most important so missing this episode could be as dangerous as non-compliance itself!…

Capital Gains Tax for Expats Investing in UK Property

June 25, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com Capital Gains Tax for expats may be much more complex than many expat UK property investors realise. Fortunately, Sean the Property Tax Accountant is here again to explain the rules and provide som…

Smart Property Company Group Structures

June 24, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com In this, the third instalment of our mini-season on expat property tax in collaboration with Sean The Property Tax Accountant, we look at the benefits of group structures. Group structures, along w…

Buying UK Property Through a Limited Company or Personally?

June 23, 2022

www.expatpropertystory.com The most common question facing expat investors in the UK buy-to-let property market is whether to buy UK property through a limited company or in their personal names. In this, the second of seven…

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