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A podcast hosted by The Expat Property Guy providing information for expats investing in UK property.

I talk to experts and expats and share my story to help you develop the skills and knowledge to make the best decisions when presented with UK property investment opportunities.


Recent Episodes

Property Auction Detective Skills

Aug. 10, 2022

#36 Have you thought about buying UK property at auction? Do you want to learn from auction specialists? Then follow my story as I learn from the best during my challenge to add to my UK property portfolio by buying at aucti…

UK Property Auction Challenge: A Reality Podcast

Aug. 3, 2022

#35 Is it a good idea to buy UK property at auction from abroad in a hot market? I am challenging myself to buy a property from my home in Hong Kong without setting foot in the UK, within four months, despite knowing NOTHING…

Cheap Properties, BRR and Down Valuations with Richard Brown

July 27, 2022

#34 Do you worry about down valuations when following the Buy, Refurbish, Refinance strategy? Are you worried about adopting BRR in the current macro-economic climate? International property investor, author and Your Propert…

Guest: Richard Brown

Mike Stenhouse from The Inside Property Investing Podcast

July 20, 2022

#33 UK property investor, podcaster and trainer, Mike Stenhouse , gives us the benefit of his considerable wisdom on this week’s show. Mike shares the lessons he has learned from talking to other successful property investor…

An Introduction to Town Planning

July 13, 2022

#32 Do you wish you knew more about town planning? Do you understand permitted development? Town planning expert Jon McDermott gives us an introduction to the planning process and also offers his opinion on the evolution and…

Relationship Building with UK Property Solicitors

July 6, 2022

#31 Do you have a good relationship with your UK property solicitor? Finding and keeping a good solicitor for your power team may be crucial for your long term success in building your UK property portfolio. Tim Bishop runs …

Guest: Tim Bishop

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Bonus Content for Expat Property Story #34

Bonus material from UK property investment expert Richard Brown to help expat property investors building a property portfolio

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The music you should listen to when looking for UK property investment opportunities as an expat!

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