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June 26, 2022

UK Property Tax: Compliance

UK Property Tax: Compliance


Tax is not the sexiest of topics and compliance is perhaps its least interesting aspect, but it’s possibly the most important so missing this episode could be as dangerous as non-compliance itself!

Our resident expat tax expert, Sean the Expat Property Tax Accountant highlights the key taxes and other obligations that expat property investors need to consider when embarking on their first investment.

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Sean the Property Tax Accountant Profile Photo

Sean the Property Tax Accountant


Sean is a Chartered Accountant with 20 years of experience. After many years with the Big 4 accounting firms in various locations around the world, Sean founded the Property Tax Accountant Limited, a company that specialises in providing accounting, tax and business partnering support to landlords and investors in UK property.

Sean mainly serves those running small property businesses that typically follow BTL, BRRR, flipping or R2SA strategies. Sean particularly enjoys working with investors that are towards the beginning of their property journey.

Sean operates a 100% digital practice, which enables him to support his clients from anywhere in the world. Currently, he splits his time between the UK and the Caribbean.

Sean and his wife, who is also a Chartered Accountant, are property investors and own a BTL portfolio.