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May 25, 2022

UK Property Expertise with John Howard

UK Property Expertise with John Howard


UK property expert John Howard’s forty years’ experience makes him the ideal investor to offer an opinion on the state of the UK property market as we head toward the third quarter of 2022.

Rising inflation, properties taking longer to sell, reduced prices, house builders’ share prices falling and an increase in distressed housing stock all point towards a UK property market slowdown at best and a crash at worst. This makes buying at a discount all the more important and John offers advice on how to do it. 

He also argues that expats may be in a better position to ride out a UK property blip. Times have changed in the post-pandemic property landscape and John suggests ways in which expats could do bigger projects with the increased use of online communication platforms. 

Back in 2018, the Expat Property Guy and his wife finally complete their student HMO in Nottingham.


Expat Property Story (1’37”)

Joke (5’37”)

Postcode Challenge (5’54”)

John Howard’s three golden rules (8’34”)

The importance of buying at a discount (9’58”)

The danger of Joint Ventures (11’09”)

Due diligence (13’03”)

Slowdown (14’32”)

House price affordability 17’47”)

Estate agents (19’51”)

Expats with money to spend (21’29”) 

Pushing the boundaries as an expat investor (24’20’) (

Risk (26’25”)

5 a side property team (28’51”)

Highlights (32’45”)

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