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Aug. 3, 2022

UK Property Auction Challenge: A Reality Podcast

UK Property Auction Challenge: A Reality Podcast

Is it a good idea to buy UK property at auction from abroad in a hot market?

I am challenging myself to buy a property from my home in Hong Kong without setting foot in the UK, within four months, despite knowing NOTHING about auctions!

In this, the first episode of the Expat Auction Story season, I get advice from property experts John Howard, Richard Brown, Mike Stenhouse & planning consultant, Jon McDermott.

I then discover the Auction Buyers Club, run by auction specialists Jay Howard & Piotr Rusinek. I talk to Jim Demetriou from National Auction Valuer for SDL one of the biggest UK property auction houses and to an auction trader, Saif Derzi.

If you’re interested in auctions, this Reality Podcast Season is essential listening!

Jonathan McDermott Profile Photo

Jonathan McDermott

CEO/Town Planner

BSC (Geographical Science) – University of Portsmouth

MA (Town Planning) – University of Westminster

MRTPI – Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute

FRGS – Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

CXO – TPX Group

Principal Town Planner -Town Planning Expert

With some 20 years experience in the planning industry, Jon McDermott is a Chartered Town Planner and Educator in planning and development. As the Principal Town Planner at Town Planning Experts, Jon is also an active member of the MRTPI – Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Host to a wealth of planning knowledge, Jon specialises in Flood Risk Management and prepares all of the Flood Risk Assessments for Town Planning Experts. Jon is always keen to share his knowledge of the planning system with his clients and is skilled in taking challenging situations and providing clear solutions and strategies.

Jon is an attendee of a number of established networking events and is a regular writer in the Your Property Network Magazine. Jon is always more than happy to assist new clients with a straightforward and pragmatic approach, which underpin the key principles at Town Planning Experts.



Wealth Dynamics Profile: Lord

Piotr Rusinek Profile Photo

Piotr Rusinek

Director, Author and Auctions Expert

With over 10 years of experience as an established auction investor, Piotr specialises in all aspects of the transactional process via auction. He is a highly respected auctions expert and co-authored the Amazon #1 bestseller Before the Hammer Falls with Jay.

Piotr used to host one of the top London property networking events and now runs The Auction Buyers Club with Jay.

One of his best deals was when he bought a property in one auction at £212,000 and sold it 8 months later in another auction, in exactly the same condition and with the same tenants for £650,000.

Piotr is known for his ability to quickly analyse a property and he is one of the most connected and experienced professionals in the market.

Richard Brown Profile Photo

Richard Brown


Richard has over 35 years of experience as a property investor, businessperson and consultant. Over the last 12 years or so, he grew a multi-million-pound property portfolio, spanning 4 countries. More recently, also acquiring businesses worth over £4m through mergers and acquisitions, is blessed to provide for his family's current and future needs. Now, his vision is to leave a family legacy fund that supports people and social projects for generations to come.
It wasn’t always like this though! In 2008, as a divorcee, with no home of his own, in debt, with expenses higher than income and a giant hole in his pension, his starting position was not exactly the best! Through property investment, development and businesses, these challenging issues have fully turned around.
A passionate student and prolific knowledge sharer, Richard can be found through The Property Voice Podcast and website and in his Your Property Network magazine column. If that’s not enough, there are 3 Amazon Best Selling property books to add to the mix, including The Complete Guide to Property Finance.

Michael Stenhouse

Property Nomad

Mike & Victoria Stenhouse escaped the corporate world with a small portfolio of HMOs before deciding to make property their main focus. Over the past decade they've grown their rental income through the conversion of commercial buildings in and around South Manchester. More recently, they sold their home to buy a yacht and sail the world, and are now in their 4th year of running and growing their business remotely.

Jay Howard Profile Photo

Jay Howard

Author / Auction Insider

With more than 18 years of experience dealing with all aspects of property sales and purchases, Jay is a trusted property expert. Jay is co-author of Amazon #1 seller Before the Hammer Falls: The Insider’s Guide to Property Auction Success, which provides you with the tools and information you need to find success at auction. Jay also used to be an Auction Manager of one the top London auction house and formed part of the judging panel for the Property Investors Awards, a testament of his respected opinion and authority within the industry.

Jay’s interest in Blacksmithing combined with graduate degrees in Psychology, Classics and Law and extensive travel to archaeological sites around the world make him a singular entity within the auction space and the property market at large.