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Nov. 24, 2022

The Second Half of Everything You Need to Know About the Modern Method of Auction

The Second Half of Everything You Need to Know About the Modern Method of Auction


Do you want to know about the fastest growing sector of the UK property market? Then you're in the right place. This episode and #51 contains information, guidance and expertise around the so-called Modern Method of Auction.

And there is a case study too! Jim Pittman, an expat property investor currently based in Dubai bought a buy to let property in Crewe. Listen to his story here...

Contributors in this must-listen two part extravaganza: Jay Howard from Hammered, David Sandeman from EIG, Andrew Brown from Strettons, Sally Smith from Loveitts, Jeremy Prior from Auction House UK, Ed Mead from Viewber, Jim Pittman from Dubai and Rod Turner host of the Rodcast podcast.


And if you’re an expat property investor with a story to share, please get in touch via the podcast website.

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Ed Mead

Co-Founder of Viewber

Viewber gives anyone access to an on demand growing workforce of many thousands of vetted and trained local people via easy to use software - just register at www.viewber.co.uk to see prices and services. The business can be used as a dip in dip out service, has full National coverage, operates 24/7 and is regularly used by some of the best known names in the property world, residential sales and lettings, auction houses, property managers and commercial agents as well as by landlords and investors requiring bespoke services. It's beginning to impact the insurance industry too for first inspections. Any questions can be answered at the website, or get in touch | www.viewber.co.uk 03330 124186 | info@viewber.co.uk

Ed Mead Advisory

Being an agent has been a real passion and after 40 years it makes sense to continue to advise people looking to buy or sell and make the right introductions where necessary. Genuine depth and breadth of experience is combined with an exceptional black book. Helping people BEFORE they decide on what to buy or how to sell can make a huge difference. ed@ed-mead.com

Speaking and writing
Increasingly the future of the industry is puzzling those examining it. My unique experience on all sides, inc high street, online agency and PropTech, gives a unique insight into that future and it seems many are willing to employ me to talk to their interested groups, investors, bankers, entrepreneurs etc.. get in touch if you’d like me to talk. Current demands include the FT Festival, Keynote at the RICS Resi conference and City talks to interested investors.

At a time of unprecedented low returns for investors, knowing where to place your money in property is tough. Talk to me.

Non Exec Directorships
If you’d like to talk discreetly about how I can help or consult, please get in touch - especially if you are looking for some property nous on your board. ed@ed-mead.com

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Jeremy Prior

Jeremy Prior is the Managing Director for Auction House U, a network of property auctioneers who cover the whole of the country. Auction House UK operates over 40 auctions rooms nationwide, holding in excess of 200 auctions and selling over 3,000 properties every single year.

James [Jim] Pittman Profile Photo

James [Jim] Pittman


56 year old insurance loss adjuster. Have run half a dozen businesses and worked in blue chip bank. Bought first flat in August 1988 bubble as MIRAS x2 mortgage relief ended. A year later it was worth 20% less. Took 6 years to recover and i sold it and bought a 3 bed house for £54k in Plymouth in 1994. My dad had always bought homes as projects so this was my first 'doer upper' and i sold it 1996 for £60k. My next house in Chippenham i did nothing too and it doubled in value when i sold in 1999. I have moved a lot and spent too much on SDLT so kept a house in Cambridge as a BTL until Govt announced S24. I returned to property investing in 2021 after spending a month stuck in Malta [trying to get back to UK from Dubai] where i watched YouTube / listened to podcasts about property. I found a property in Crewe and after some research signed up for the Modern Method of Auction. Rather surprisingly i got the winning bid and within 4 months had agreed 2 further purchases. So 2022 has been all about refurbishment and conveyancing along with a remortgage. Painfull. So your and other podcasts have kept me smiling

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David Sandeman

Managing Director

Helping you find every property coming to auction matching your requirements as well as full info on past lots for comparable purposes. We are the ‘Right Move’ of auctions!