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Sept. 7, 2022

The Landlord's Smoking Dope!!!

The Landlord's Smoking Dope!!!


As my Expat Auction Challenge enters its sixth week, I struggle to find a deal that delivers a decent cashflow.

A three storey townhouse in Bristol provides the backdrop to this episode as I look for a freehold to leasehold opportunity.

Rachel Knight of titlesplit.com urges investors to walk away from those deals that that are so overpriced, the only explanation can be that ‘the landlord’s smoking dope’!

This leads to a wider discussion as to whether there is value to be had in the auctions at present, particularly with projects involving refurbs.

This week's show features contributions from Rachel Knight of Titlesplit.com Vicki Peers of Inside Liverpool and Richard Brown of the Property Voice and of course  Matt Brighton.

There is also a working example of Multiple Dwellings Relief, which can reduce your Stamp Duty Land Tax when buying a freehold block of multiple units.

For more information on title splitting: https://pages.titlesplit.com/EXPAT

Richard Brown Profile Photo

Richard Brown


Richard has over 35 years of experience as a property investor, businessperson and consultant. Over the last 12 years or so, he grew a multi-million-pound property portfolio, spanning 4 countries. More recently, also acquiring businesses worth over £4m through mergers and acquisitions, is blessed to provide for his family's current and future needs. Now, his vision is to leave a family legacy fund that supports people and social projects for generations to come.
It wasn’t always like this though! In 2008, as a divorcee, with no home of his own, in debt, with expenses higher than income and a giant hole in his pension, his starting position was not exactly the best! Through property investment, development and businesses, these challenging issues have fully turned around.
A passionate student and prolific knowledge sharer, Richard can be found through The Property Voice Podcast and website and in his Your Property Network magazine column. If that’s not enough, there are 3 Amazon Best Selling property books to add to the mix, including The Complete Guide to Property Finance.

Rachel Knight Profile Photo

Rachel Knight

Rachel Knight and Harriet Dunn

Before TitleSplit.com was founded, there was nowhere to access any in-depth or honest information regarding the Title Split strategy. The information was rare, and life felt lonely for an experienced property investor who wanted to take their property business to the next level.
Nobody could tell us how to do this strategy – It was always, ‘do it later!’
We knew we were missing a trick.
We wanted to move away from a saturated HMO market and escape the feeling of being in constant competition with other investors.

We wanted to achieve the same cashflow as an HMO but with long -term equity, from a strategy that didn’t leave us with no exit options. We wanted to avoid the responsibility of dealing with residents; we didn’t want to feel as though we were back at our 9-5’s. We wanted an exit strategy that allowed us to become financially free, while leaving legacy to our families.

So, we figured this out for ourselves. We did our first Title Split. We came together with legal and real-life experience and created a training program to help others implement the lucrative strategy – Title Splitting.

From confused and isolated, we became two confident and prosperous Title Split experts, now running a successful training company alongside a supportive and growing Title Split community.

Matt Brighton Profile Photo

Matt Brighton


Matt is a UK based property investor in the North of England. By day he previously worked in banking and now works for a VC backed tech-startup. Matt is building a property development group of buy to let, HMO and land developments as well as building a Youtube channel of over 25,000 people and owner of What The Flip Property Investing.

Vicki Peers Profile Photo

Vicki Peers


Liverpool Property Expert.

Landlord, Property Developer and Consultant.

Investing since 2010, I have built a large portfolio of single buy to lets and now help investors to do the same.