Expat Property Story

A natural host of a well-researched niche podcast

As host of a podcast myself, I have to say this podcast is better!

You can hear how much preparation and investment goes into researching his guests to uncover those rare nuggets of information that result. The format is more than the stock Q&A interview fayre you get from some. The delivery is natural, with a clever, yet understated way to share their own story, leaving the focus on the impressive guest list assembled in series one. There's even a free joke each week!

Hand-on-heart, this is a genuine, unbiased review. In truth, this has rekindled my interest in listening to more podcasts, having spent the past few years immersed in audiobooks.

Looking forward to how the podcast evolves. Good luck!

Sept. 5, 2022 by Richard Brown, The Property Voice on This Website

Expat Property Story