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I've found a new favourite podcast!

I've found a new favourite podcast!

Having only started in February 2022, eight fantastic episodes have already been released.

The host, who just goes by 'The Expat Property Guy', clearly has some weight in the property industry. In episode 1, he was joined by none other than Property Hub's Rob Dix (host of the Property Podcast, Any Other Business, and author of The Complete Guide to Property Investment).

Although focusing on expats investing in UK property, this podcast is a must listen to even for UK-based investors.

Topics include:

Property education (should you, shouldn't you)
Portfolio building for yield vs capital growth
Why to buy new builds
Why not to buy new builds
Financial resilience
Foreign exchange

My favourite episode, "Like Clockwork", with Helen Godbold-Eade of Like-Clockwork Ltd, was really informative. She covered the importance of good due diligence (especially on developers when buying off-plan), use of independent solicitors, pros/cons of different property types, and how to select and work with a letting agent. This is a brilliant episode for newbie investors. I'm looking forward to meeting Helen next week.

March 10, 2022 by Sean, The Property Tax Accountant on Other

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