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Dec. 24, 2022

Resource Recommendation Compilation From Previous Guests

Resource Recommendation Compilation From Previous Guests


To celebrate Christmas Day, 2022, I asked some of my amazing guests from previous episodes to recommend their favourite resource for property investors. Some were so generous they made more than one suggestion!

Contributors include Stuart Ball, Lisa Brown, Vicki Wusche, Richard Brown, Peter Meek, Sally Smith, Jeremy Prior, Jake Barlow, Jerry Alexander, David Sandeman, Sean the Property Tax Accountant, Rod Turner, Andrew Brown, Sam Watterson, Rob Smalbone, Harriet Dunn and Helen Godbold-Eade.

There are also details of a Christmas competition with a fantastic prize.

This episode is the first of twelve daily bite-sized episodes for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

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Sean the Property Tax Accountant Profile Photo

Sean the Property Tax Accountant


Sean is a Chartered Accountant with 20 years of experience. After many years with the Big 4 accounting firms in various locations around the world, Sean founded the Property Tax Accountant Limited, a company that specialises in providing accounting, tax and business partnering support to landlords and investors in UK property.

Sean mainly serves those running small property businesses that typically follow BTL, BRRR, flipping or R2SA strategies. Sean particularly enjoys working with investors that are towards the beginning of their property journey.

Sean operates a 100% digital practice, which enables him to support his clients from anywhere in the world. Currently, he splits his time between the UK and the Caribbean.

Sean and his wife, who is also a Chartered Accountant, are property investors and own a BTL portfolio.

Jake Barlow Profile Photo

Jake Barlow


Badger and Nash info:

• We started learning how to invest in property after meeting Charlie (Capstone Fox) in Feb 17th 2020
• We bought our first BTL (Blackpool Bungalow) on 31st July 2020
• We then renovated and sold our personal home in Feb 2021 to raise more money
• We moved into Nicola’s house that she was renovating
• Nicola quit her full-time job in Feb 2021 month once the mortgage burden was gone
• Jake quit his job on 17th Oct 2021
• We left to travel full time on 1st November
• We now have 11 Properties (Both personally and company owned)
• All of which are single unit BTL, SA and 1 multi-unit block with 3 flats

Property Store info:

• While growing our portfolio, it was incredibly frustrating having to use spreadsheets to manage the whole portfolio and a mix of other systems
• Jakes background is in App development for big banks
• Nicolas background is in corporate branding
• So Jake called up some contacts (namely Sanj) who is a senior developer at a blue-chip bank
• And we built Property Store
• We then signed with the Prosperity Network, meaning that anyone that joins gets access to our software until 3rd November 2022
• We now have over 500 users with access to the software
• We launch a limited release to our first public users outside prosperity on the 7th June this year, with MAJOR new functionality that hasn’t been seen before in the industry

Helen Godbold-Eade Profile Photo

Helen Godbold-Eade

Director of Like-Clockwork Ltd

Hello! I’m very proud of my company, its ethos and ethics, and what it achieves for our clients!
At Like-Clockwork, it’s our mission to help entrepreneurs/investors develop a profitable, compliant AND ethical property portfolio, as we eliminate the stress and reduce the risks through forward-planning and proactive management.

There’s no such thing as a passive investment particularly when it comes to property. If you don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination, to manage the nuts and bolts of the operation, you need someone who can do it for you. That’s where we come in. We make a very positive difference, in the BTL property sector and in general commerce.

Superior solutionists and common-sense consultants for the strategic growth of your property portfolio.

A forward-thinking company, dedicated to each client’s needs. Reliable, integrous, insightful and independent.

Client-focused services delivered with dedication – flexible, bespoke, contract-less.

Vicki Wusche Profile Photo

Vicki Wusche

International Speaker, Best Selling Author and Director

Vicki Wusche started investing in property 2008 and has been named in The Telegraph’s top UK’s 25 most influential people in property. She is an inspiring speaker, mentor and author of five books including finalist in the Business Book Awards in March 2020. In March 2020 Vicki moved from public speaking to being invited as a regular on podcasts across Europe, the Middle East, Australia, America and Canada as well as the UK.
Vicki surprises her clients with her take on money, wealth, business and property. Since firstrecognising property as the best strategy to create her financial security, Vicki has shied away from the “get rich” gurus and their flash cars and shiny shoes. Her articles are said to be straight talking and brutally honest. Vicki would tell you that being successful in any business, especially property investment, takes commitment and hard work. All business success is based on a good understanding of the market and an even better understanding of the maths involved. Understanding how she retired at 48 by quadrupling her money is a
story worth listening to!

She has written the following books:

Using Other People’s Money: How to invest in property 4th edition
Make More Money from Property: From investor thinking to a business mindset 2nd Edition
Property for the Next Generation: Securing your future in uncertain times 2nd Edition
The New Estate: Insights from the 22nd century
The Wealthy Retirement Plan: A revolutionary guide to living the rest of your in style.
9 Critical Property Principles
The De-Job Yourself Manual: Break your reliance on a monthly wage
The Values Manual: Understand what your values are and how they can be key to a successful business
The Goal Setting Manual: Create meaningful and practical goals then achieve them

Peter Meek Profile Photo

Peter Meek

Property investor in the UK and Australia. SSAS & SMSF Trustee

Peter is actively investing in residential property in the UK and Australia and can help people sell their properties fast and also help investors get better returns on their money.

Peter is a founding investor in multiple innovative Australian Property Tech start ups that will help more Australians benefit from property.

Peter is a highly engaging and accomplished CEO and Company Director whose experience spans all elements of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry across small, medium and large international scale operations. He has repeatedly helped organizations thrive by building enduring capabilities and purpose driven cultures that deliver results.

Robert Smallbone Profile Photo

Robert Smallbone

Property FAQs

Traveller, property, football, sport and lover of life.

33 years old - based in Brighton, Buy To Let Property investing and also do Energy Performance Certificates too.

Michelle Cairns Profile Photo

Michelle Cairns

Podcast Host

Full time property investor, and podcast and training host for Your Property Network magazine.

My background before property was as a secondary school teacher teaching French and Spanish for 8 years but when I realised my retirement age was 68 I looked for another income stream that I could run alongside the teaching and give me more financial and time freedom. That’s when I attended my first ever property networking meeting back in 2014 and have loved being part of the pin community ever since.

I started out on my journey with almost no knowledge about what was possible or how to invest but these meetings were the place that I began making connections, learning from more experienced people and ultimately, they became one of the best places for finding deals and investment.

Fast forward to today and I have built a mixed portfolio of blocks of flats, single lets and HMOs. I specialise in creatively structured deals and have grown my portfolio using Purchase Lease Options, Rent to Rents, Vendor Finance and working with Private Investor Finance.

I am the coach for the pin Creative Finance home study course. Also, I am blessed to work with the editorial team at Your Property Network Magazine, where I am lucky enough to be able to indulge my passions for teaching and learning through interviewing industry experts for the Podcast and hosting the various training programmes. These range from Development and The Portfolio Builder, to Serviced Accommodation. To be able to keep all these plates spinning I also work with Virtual Assistants and help other people to find, hire and manage their own VAs.

Beyond bricks and mortar? I am a lifelong believer in personal development, I love listening to a variety of podcasts, learning languages, photography, wellbeing, travelling and have lived in France and Spain for a few years. I have been a part of the Tony Robbins events team and a Top Performer on Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind 26.
I continue to invest in Chester, Wirral and Deeside, please connect with me to see how we can help each other.

Richard Brown Profile Photo

Richard Brown


Richard has over 35 years of experience as a property investor, businessperson and consultant. Over the last 12 years or so, he grew a multi-million-pound property portfolio, spanning 4 countries. More recently, also acquiring businesses worth over £4m through mergers and acquisitions, is blessed to provide for his family's current and future needs. Now, his vision is to leave a family legacy fund that supports people and social projects for generations to come.
It wasn’t always like this though! In 2008, as a divorcee, with no home of his own, in debt, with expenses higher than income and a giant hole in his pension, his starting position was not exactly the best! Through property investment, development and businesses, these challenging issues have fully turned around.
A passionate student and prolific knowledge sharer, Richard can be found through The Property Voice Podcast and website and in his Your Property Network magazine column. If that’s not enough, there are 3 Amazon Best Selling property books to add to the mix, including The Complete Guide to Property Finance.

Jerry Alexander Profile Photo

Jerry Alexander

Commercial Property Investor, Podcast host, FlexSpace & Cowork operator.

Helping established residential property investors move into Commercial property investment. Like many other property investors we started off with a few residential investments, carrying out refurbishments and letting the units for cashflow. After a few deals we spotted the advantages of commercial property investment and made our first commercial acquisition 15 years ago.

It still amazes me how opaque the commercial property world is and I am repeatedly asked how do you move from residential investments into commercial. Despite the naysayers we did make the transition from residential to commercial and have built up a portfolio of predominantly Multi let Commercial properties.

Our team have learned a lot and we continue to do so every day as we add more properties to our portfolio. In particular we have focused on investing in multi-let properties that we can re-develop and significantly add value.

My Podcast and social media posts are to help dispel the myths and show how commercial property investment can work for those of us who are not from a commercial or professional property background.

We can help you find and purchase commercial investment opportunities. Get in touch if would like find out how to get started.

If you come across a commercial opportunity that needs to be re-invented why not get in touch and see if we can help.

Lisa Brown Profile Photo

Lisa Brown

Supported Living Property Developer

After a 24 year nursing career in both the Emergency Department and as a Health Visitor, Lisa began property investing. She initially developed heritage properties and then a chance encounter led her to discover supported living. She realised this was a powerful way to invest in property while creating homes for those who need them most.

Lisa set about discovering why property investors struggle to let their properties to supported living providers and why providers struggle to find property to let. She has been educating people, raising awareness and working on solutions to this problem ever since. Lisa is the host of the Supported Living Property Podcast and YouTube channel and hosts a Facebook Group where people can learn, network and discuss supported living.

Lisa lives in South Devon with her teenage boys, dogs, cats and chickens. When Lisa is not discussing supported living property she can be found attempting to tame her garden, trying to learn to sail or swimming in the sea all year round.

Rod Turner Profile Photo

Rod Turner

Podcast Host, Investor

I am the Founder of ITP Group, a Property investment and development business that directly invests in a wide range of property across the UK.
I also host "The Rodcast", a podcast all about asset backed investments with a focus on UK Real Estate.

Andrew Brown Profile Photo

Andrew Brown

Director of Auctions at Strettons

An experienced and dynamic auctioneer and property professional. I put my people and my clients first and believe that going the extra mile is always repaid, many times over.

Sally Smith Profile Photo

Sally Smith

Director & Auctioneer

Having over 30 years experience within the property industry I am able to appraise and advise on all property, land and investments that may be suitable for sale at Auction. Giving best advice as to method of sale, pricing and expected sale price. Working within a multi-disciplined firm we can provide advice relating to any property related matters, including residential sales, lettings, commercial, block management, valuations, surveys, mortgages and professional services.

Jeremy Prior Profile Photo

Jeremy Prior

Jeremy Prior is the Managing Director for Auction House U, a network of property auctioneers who cover the whole of the country. Auction House UK operates over 40 auctions rooms nationwide, holding in excess of 200 auctions and selling over 3,000 properties every single year.

David Sandeman Profile Photo

David Sandeman

Managing Director

Helping you find every property coming to auction matching your requirements as well as full info on past lots for comparable purposes. We are the ‘Right Move’ of auctions!

Sam Watterson Profile Photo

Sam Watterson

Investor | Landlord | Owner of Lettings and Property Management Agency

Property Investor in Leeds.
Prosperous Landlord.
Owner of successful Lettings and Property Management Agency.
Fully Managed refurbs and property investment opportunities in Leeds.

Investing in Property for the last 11 years, extensive knowledge and hands-on experience.

I know what I'm talking about as I have on-ground experience.

I set up my first property business in 2010, ever since then people have hired me to help them fill empty properties through renovations, effective marketing and proactive strategy focused lettings.

Utilising my degree in Business Information Technology, the experience of building a portfolio of Buy To Let properties and my sales-focused employment history, my vision was to create a company that would allow my clients to outsource every step of the residential property life cycle.

The business model has evolved significantly since its incorporation.

Now, Watts & Co can offer the following:

- Property Sourcing - finding Buy To Let opportunities and commercial to residential conversions.
- Fully Managed Renovations - preparing and converting buildings ready for tenants.
- Lettings - finding suitable tenants.
- Management - handling all aspects of an ongoing tenancy.
- Sales (Estate agency) - selling properties for vendors/investors.
- Investing take an empty, underperforming property and using a combination of the above 5 services either as a Joint Venture Partner or totally hands-off for Angel, Independent Investors.

My vision is to help establish Watts & Co as a trusted supplier of services 1-5, to raise investment capital for service 6 and to reinvest revenues into a portfolio of Buy To Let and build/convert to rental properties.