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Sept. 14, 2022

Oops! I Forgot to Bid at Auction!

Oops! I Forgot to Bid at Auction!

 My Expat Property Auction Challenge enters week 7, which means that I have just nine weeks left to buy a UK property at auction from here in Hong Kong without setting foot in the UK within four months. 

This week, I look at a mixed-use building in Bristol only to find a messy legal pack and a lack of clarity around exactly what’s for sale… a common problem in UK property auctions.

Doubt sets in so I look for evidence that buying at auction is possible as an expat property investor and find it in the Abu Dhabi, where I speak to an expat couple who have successfully bought two properties at auction.

David and Leanne are a well organised husband and wife team who had everything in place in preparation for a successful first auction purchase. But on the day, distracted by the day job, they forgot to bid! Find out what happened by listening to their Expat Auction Story!

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