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Jan. 25, 2023

Lessons Learned from Dany Inman

Lessons Learned from Dany Inman


This episode contains loads of value for those getting started, those with experience and everyone else in between!

At any one time, property investor Danny Inman has a £25 million pipeline of projects in development so he knows a thing or two about property.

As  the founder of the Prosperity Network, Danny is also passionate about the importance of both education and community, and has mastered the art of networking so much so that he receives 8,000 notifications a day.

Fortunately he keeps his phone on silent.

In this wide ranging interview, we talk about  scaling up ahead of the curve,  how  return on time invested is so significant and why hobby landlords are becoming a thing of the past.

Danny's Desert Island Property Disc was More Money More Problems

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