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Vicki Wusche

International Speaker, Best Selling Author and Director

Vicki Wusche started investing in property 2008 and has been named in The Telegraph’s top UK’s 25 most influential people in property. She is an inspiring speaker, mentor and author of five books including finalist in the Business Book Awards in March 2020. In March 2020 Vicki moved from public speaking to being invited as a regular on podcasts across Europe, the Middle East, Australia, America and Canada as well as the UK.
Vicki surprises her clients with her take on money, wealth, business and property. Since firstrecognising property as the best strategy to create her financial security, Vicki has shied away from the “get rich” gurus and their flash cars and shiny shoes. Her articles are said to be straight talking and brutally honest. Vicki would tell you that being successful in any business, especially property investment, takes commitment and hard work. All business success is based on a good understanding of the market and an even better understanding of the maths involved. Understanding how she retired at 48 by quadrupling her money is a
story worth listening to!

She has written the following books:

Using Other People’s Money: How to invest in property 4th edition
Make More Money from Property: From investor thinking to a business mindset 2nd Edition
Property for the Next Generation: Securing your future in uncertain times 2nd Edition
The New Estate: Insights from the 22nd century
The Wealthy Retirement Plan: A revolutionary guide to living the rest of your in style.
9 Critical Property Principles
The De-Job Yourself Manual: Break your reliance on a monthly wage
The Values Manual: Understand what your values are and how they can be key to a successful business
The Goal Setting Manual: Create meaningful and practical goals then achieve them

Feb. 17, 2022

Money, Money, Money

#5 This week’s guest is Vicki Wusche, named one of the UK’s top 25 most influential people in property. Vicki helps people restru…

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