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Hi, this is Priya Darshan Malik more commonly known as PD.

Professionally, I specialise in sourcing income producing commercial properties and adding value to them using planning gain and other strategies. My acquisitions are typically backed by their inherent investment value (downside protection) with significant upside. Their town centre locations ensure a sightly easier planning consent and access to certain PDRs (permitted development rights) too. Typically, the end goal of my acquisitions is to obtain the free income producing shops by adding a significant value/residential mass to them such that the residential element itself will pay off for the entire site just with planning gain i.e. no construction/development risk etc.

I am happy to help anyone to understand more about this strategy.

Personally, I am a father of 6 (home schooling) and bit of a meditation freak. I live in two countries UK and India, where I am more focused on my non-commercial activities including meditation etc. I will now be returning to India in a couple of weeks time so up for a few coffees before I fly out if anyone is available else always available on Zoom.

Thanks for reading about me. :-)

Aug. 17, 2022

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