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Badger and Nash info:

• We started learning how to invest in property after meeting Charlie (Capstone Fox) in Feb 17th 2020
• We bought our first BTL (Blackpool Bungalow) on 31st July 2020
• We then renovated and sold our personal home in Feb 2021 to raise more money
• We moved into Nicola’s house that she was renovating
• Nicola quit her full-time job in Feb 2021 month once the mortgage burden was gone
• Jake quit his job on 17th Oct 2021
• We left to travel full time on 1st November
• We now have 11 Properties (Both personally and company owned)
• All of which are single unit BTL, SA and 1 multi-unit block with 3 flats

Property Store info:

• While growing our portfolio, it was incredibly frustrating having to use spreadsheets to manage the whole portfolio and a mix of other systems
• Jakes background is in App development for big banks
• Nicolas background is in corporate branding
• So Jake called up some contacts (namely Sanj) who is a senior developer at a blue-chip bank
• And we built Property Store
• We then signed with the Prosperity Network, meaning that anyone that joins gets access to our software until 3rd November 2022
• We now have over 500 users with access to the software
• We launch a limited release to our first public users outside prosperity on the 7th June this year, with MAJOR new functionality that hasn’t been seen before in the industry

June 15, 2022

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