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Dave Goodfellow


I'm Dave Goodfellow, Director of Noki Stays (formerly known as CopperHouse), and Mentor at Ikonic Training Academy. I’ve been active as a property investor for more than ten years with a background in sales operations. I have driven the front of our serviced accommodation business in multiple locations in less than two years using mixed strategies: Owned, R2SA & SA management. With monthly rapid growth right through the pandemic. Our turnover went from under £100k to £600k, Now on track to reach in excess of £1.5M in 2021. We are currently in the process of building a pipeline of ApartHotels and now we have 3 of them in the pipeline. Offers have been accepted for the 2nd & 3rd property last week, and the first one will start refurbishing in the next few weeks with a total GDV of £10m. Best of all, our business is almost fully outsourced leaving me free to concentrate on our mentees.

Nov. 2, 2022

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