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May 4, 2022

Expat Mortgages for the UK 2

Expat Mortgages for the UK 2


If you’re an expat looking for UK property investment opportunities, you probably have lots of questions about expat mortgages. This podcast episode will give you all the mortgage knowledge you need for smarter property investing in the UK.

In this second part of my interview with Simon Allen of Searchlight Finance, we discuss the impact of changes to legislation around Energy Performance Certificates, anti-money laundering checks and why a five year fixed mortgage may help UK property investors borrow more money. 

Simon also talks about the most popular property investment opportunities for expats and overseas investors (buy to lets / HMOs / serviced accommodation / freehold to leasehold title splits).

Meanwhile back in 2018, the Expat Property Guy and his wife have important decisions to make around property investing tax structures and how best to allocate their funds as they prepare to buy a student HMO in Nottingham.

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Simon Allen can be found at www.searchlightfinance.co.uk

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Simon Allen

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If you're a property investor, developer or business owner and you want a mortgage broker on your side as you build your portfolio, someone who will take the time to learn about your investment goals and place you with the right lender, then Simon Allen is the man to arrange your property finance.