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Oct. 26, 2022

Essential Information for UK Property Investors

Essential Information for UK Property Investors

 Are you serious about buying property at auction? Never has the expression ‘Knowledge is Power’ been more fitting than in the world of UK property auctions.

Knowing that a property was unsold at auction a couple of months previously may be all the information you need to make a cheeky pre-auction offer.

 This is the kind of Essential Information that a young developer called David Sandeman wanted access to back in 1990.

 It wasn’t available, so he found it himself and shared it with others. His Essential Information Group portal is now THE resource tool of choice for UK property auction buyers and sellers.

 David’s story is an inspirational one you won’t want to miss!

 Meanwhile, my Expat Auction Challenge to buy a UK property at auction within four months without setting foot in the UK enters Week 13. Time is running out.

 Piotr Rusinek of Hammered also contributes to this week’s show.

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