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Nov. 30, 2022

Auction Tales of the Unexpected...

Auction Tales of the Unexpected...


Auction Tales of the Unexpected

With nearly 3,000 lots put up for auction in the UK Property market each month, there’s bound to be some strange stories? 

As the auction season draws to a close, this episode offers some tales of the bizarre told by some of the most respected figures in UK property auctions.

Humour aside, there are some valuable lessons to be learned within these amazing anecdotes.

Contributing to this season closer are, in order of appearance: David Sandeman from EIG, Jay Howard from Hammered, Saif Derzi from SDGB Properties, Andrew Brown from Strettons, Piotr Rusinek also from Hammered,  Sally Smith from Loveitts, Mary Wang, and Rod Turner, host of the Rodcast podcast.

And if you’re an expat property investor with a story to share, please get in touch via the podcast website.

Piotr Rusinek Profile Photo

Piotr Rusinek

Director, Author and Auctions Expert

With over 10 years of experience as an established auction investor, Piotr specialises in all aspects of the transactional process via auction. He is a highly respected auctions expert and co-authored the Amazon #1 bestseller Before the Hammer Falls with Jay.

Piotr used to host one of the top London property networking events and now runs The Auction Buyers Club with Jay.

One of his best deals was when he bought a property in one auction at £212,000 and sold it 8 months later in another auction, in exactly the same condition and with the same tenants for £650,000.

Piotr is known for his ability to quickly analyse a property and he is one of the most connected and experienced professionals in the market.

Jay Howard Profile Photo

Jay Howard

Author / Auction Insider

With more than 18 years of experience dealing with all aspects of property sales and purchases, Jay is a trusted property expert. Jay is co-author of Amazon #1 seller Before the Hammer Falls: The Insider’s Guide to Property Auction Success, which provides you with the tools and information you need to find success at auction. Jay also used to be an Auction Manager of one the top London auction house and formed part of the judging panel for the Property Investors Awards, a testament of his respected opinion and authority within the industry.

Jay’s interest in Blacksmithing combined with graduate degrees in Psychology, Classics and Law and extensive travel to archaeological sites around the world make him a singular entity within the auction space and the property market at large.

Mary Wang Profile Photo

Mary Wang

Founder & Director

After a decade of working 80-100 hour weeks in investment banking and at a start up, Mary left full-time work in 2022 through her property portfolio.

Time freedom is her top priority so she has built the portfolio within 30 minutes of her home in East London. This has enabled Mary to spend half her time travelling and the other time enjoying building her property business.

Rod Turner Profile Photo

Rod Turner

Podcast Host, Investor

I am the Founder of ITP Group, a Property investment and development business that directly invests in a wide range of property across the UK.
I also host "The Rodcast", a podcast all about asset backed investments with a focus on UK Real Estate.

Andrew Brown Profile Photo

Andrew Brown

Director of Auctions at Strettons

An experienced and dynamic auctioneer and property professional. I put my people and my clients first and believe that going the extra mile is always repaid, many times over.

Sally Smith Profile Photo

Sally Smith

Director & Auctioneer

Having over 30 years experience within the property industry I am able to appraise and advise on all property, land and investments that may be suitable for sale at Auction. Giving best advice as to method of sale, pricing and expected sale price. Working within a multi-disciplined firm we can provide advice relating to any property related matters, including residential sales, lettings, commercial, block management, valuations, surveys, mortgages and professional services.

David Sandeman Profile Photo

David Sandeman

Managing Director

Helping you find every property coming to auction matching your requirements as well as full info on past lots for comparable purposes. We are the ‘Right Move’ of auctions!

Saif Derzi Profile Photo

Saif Derzi


Saif grew up watching his father manage his own personal portfolio of properties across London. He wanted to continue this family passion in property, alongside his passion for people, investing & trading so he founded SDGB Properties.

He has 6 years’ experience as a landlord & property investor so understands the importance of financial investments. After focusing on growing his own property portfolio through successfully structuring numerous projects from purchase through to sale, he scaled this into a property investment & development business. He has gone on to do commercial to residential conversion projects, social housing projects and residential land developments.

He has built an extensive network around him and strong team which means, sourcing, securing planning, architecture, build and management are efficiently systemised to enable continuous growth.