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I am The Expat Property Guy and this is my Expat Property Story. 

My wife and I moved to Hong Kong in 2006 and saved hard.

In 2009, we went looking for an independent financial adviser. He recommended we invest our pot of gold into a pension plan of stocks and shares. The plan did well initially as we benefited from the recovery following the global financial crisis.

Meanwhile, we saw the value of the apartment we were renting double in value in a few years and regretted that we hadn’t bought property here in Hong Kong. So we went to our financial adviser and told him we were thinking of investing in property. He said it was too risky. 

By 2015, our London property had almost tripled in value. We went back to our adviser. He discouraged us. 

We ignored him.

We bought an off-plan new-build one bedroom apartment in Hong Kong for £400,000. By the time it was built, two years later, it was worth £600,000. 

It was now 2017. We ditched our adviser, cashed in as much of the pension as we could without incurring penalties and decided to invest in UK property.

And so began our story. 

Each episode reveals more of our story, interspersed with invaluable information from experts and expats to smooth the way for you to have your own Expat Property Story.

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